Fertilization/Weed Control

American dream house with beautiful lawnFertilizing your lawn is very important in maintaining a lush green lawn. By keeping the lawn dense, it is less prone to weeds and more likely to endure the summer months when it is hot and dry. Nitrogen is the main ingredient in fertilizer that gives your lawn that dark green color. It must be replaced several times a year to maintain color because it is not held by the soil like phosphorus and potassium.

Keeping your lawn dense may not always keep the weeds out of your lawn and it is important to apply a weed control product throughout the growing season. A liquid form, post-emergent spray is most affective in controlling those nasty summer weeds like, dandelions, clover, spurge, and creeping Charlie.

Below is the list of applications that Doug’s applies each growing season.

EARLY SPRING APPLICATION: A granular fertilizer to stimulate growth and deepen lawn color and crabgrass preventer to control crabgrass and foxtail.

LATE SPRING APPLICATION: A liquid phosphorus free fertilizer to maintain color and thicken turf and a blanket broadleaf weed control for dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.

SUMMER APPLICATION: A liquid phosphorus free fertilizer to maintain color and thicken turf during summer stress time and a spot broadleaf weed control for tough summer weeds.

EARLY FALL APPLICATION: A liquid phosphorus free fertilizer to maintain color and thicken turf and promote root development and a blanket broadleaf weed control for dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.

LATE FALL APPLICATION: A granular fertilizer to help your lawn over winter and get a quick start in the following spring.

A 10% discount is offered to customers who take a five or four step application program if the customer prepays and returns his or her contract by April 1st of that calendar year.

Doug’s also offers Insect Control applications for those who are interested. Please contact us for further details.


For best results mow your lawn at 3 – 3 ½ inches. Cutting too low can cause grass to turn brown during hot, dry periods. It also allows crabgrass and other weeds an opportunity to germinate. At least once a month sharpen your mower blades due to a dull blade tears the grass blades causing stress to your lawn. It is important to mow often especially when leaving your clippings lay. A good rule of thumb is not to cut more than 1/3 of the plant at a time. Don’t mow in hot dry weather. If your lawn is drying out, water it and allow time for it to recover before mowing or do not mow at all. A tall and green lawn is better than a short brown lawn.

Doug’s serves both residential and commercial customers in the Southwest and West Central Minnesota area. We provide timely service specific to your needs! If you’re tired of pushing that mower around in the hot summer sun, let Doug’s take care of it for you. Give Doug’s a call for all your mowing needs. 

Core Aeration

This process simply removes small cores of soil from your lawn to allow air, water and nutrients to easily reach the root zone. This will aid in the breakdown of organic matter, thus reducing thatch. Many lawns, primarily those that receive heavy use, have compacted soil that restricts the movement of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots.

It is recommended that core aeration be done at least once a year for heavily used and maintained lawns. Core aeration can be done either in the spring or in the fall by Doug’s.  Contact us for more information!


Thatch is a layer of dead stems, roots and clippings between the soil’s surface and the green vegetation. Thatch also provides a breeding ground for harmful insects and disease organisms. By mechanically removing accumulated thatch build up, air, water and nutrients can flow freely to the roots. This service is provided in the spring for best results.

Doug’s uses a dethatching unit to slice through the turf, lifting thatch debris to the surface for removal. This process provides the best solution to thatch build up and can restore an unhealthy lawn. Once this build up is removed your lawn is ready for its first application of fertilizer and crabgrass control. Please contact us to get on our list for spring.


Keeping your shrubs and trees looking nice is the key to having that ultimate curb appeal for your landscape. Pruning them one to two times a season will not only accomplish the look you are going for but it will also promote new healthy growth of your plants.

Doug’s can take care of all your pruning needs throughout the growing season. Contact one of our professionals for a free consultation today!