Mowing the grassFollow these tips and resources for a beautiful looking lawn!


  • Mow your lawn at 3-3 ½ inches and do not cut off more than 1/3 of the blade
  • Routinely sharpen your mower blades to prevent tearing of the grass, which causes extra stress on your lawn
  • Do not mow in hot dry weather


  • One inch of total moisture per week is adequate in cool weather
  • In hot weather, two inches of moisture per week
  • As you increase the frequency of watering, decrease the volume and do not water to the point of saturation
  • Watering in the late evening can promote fungal disease so always water early enough for the grass to dry before nightfall

Other Lawn Care Tips

  • Make sure you have a variety of grasses planted in your lawn because it gives you a broader spectrum of disease resistance
  • A thick healthy lawn discourages crabgrass and other weeds from germinating
  • The best time to seed or over-seed your lawn is in the fall
  • Aerate or de-thatch your lawn every spring because too much thatch restricts water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the roots
  • Keep your trees trimmed to allow more sunlight to reach your grass
  • Nitrogen must be replaced several times a year to maintain color because it is not held by the soil like phosphorus and potassium